Better Off Brunching is the largest social brunch community in New York.

This is how it works and why people continue to find genuine friends and community through Better Off Brunching.

Step 1: Register


To join the Better Off community, all you need to do is register (for free) by entering your email and city at and "request an invite" to brunch.

You will then be added to our list of brunchers!

Step 2: Take the Personality Quiz


The sooner you take the personality quiz, the sooner you will be invited to brunch.

The purpose of the quiz is for us to get to know you so that we can invite you to the right events and group you with people who have compatible passions, interests, personalities and preferences.

Once you have taken the quiz, we will invite you to the next brunch which is suited to you.

Step 3: Meet Your Table


Once you receive and accept an invite to a brunch, we will send you information about the people who will be on your table so you can see the awesome people who you will be having brunch with.

Step 4: Come to Brunch


It is completely free to come to our brunch events. You just need to pay for whatever food and drinks you order.

You are welcome to invite one or two friends to join you for brunch, or come solo - it's a great way to make new friends.

We often have an after brunch bar to go to for drinks which everyone is invited to and lets you get to know more people on other tables.

Step 5: Build Your Community

Group of happy friends having fun together (170891) - YouWorkForThem

The key to building relationships and communities is to see people on a consistent basis.

We host different events such as happy hours, beach trips, camping trips, trivia nights and many more so you can join the events you are interested in to continuously spend time with the people you meet at brunch.

Stay in touch with the people you enjoy hanging out with and live a life with genuine connections and real people.

Life is all about the people you surround yourself with, this is why we are determined to help you build a genuine social group to spend your time with.

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